Weight Control

Depending on your habits and interaction with food, we will tailor your weight loss sessions to what is best for you.  How you eat and why you eat can both influence your weight.  We can use your subconscious to help with exercise, portion control, feelings and emotions associated with food.  If suitable we can do Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  Weight reduction involves at least four sessions over a few weeks and sometimes months. Our comprehensive Little Black Dress weight loss programme is very effective.

weight loss

We find there are many reasons that prevent someone from reducing their weight.  If someone comfort eats, the comfort they get from the food is short-lived and afterwards they can experience feelings of loathing and shame.  The comfort from eating large portions or sugary, processed foods is what the sub-conscious latches onto.  The loathing and knowledge that you are stuffing yourself is your thinking part of the brain, which is over-ridden by the sub-conscious as you gorge.

Without dealing with the sub-conscious it is very difficult to shed weight with will power alone.  Someone may not want to exercise because they worry about how people perceive them.  Some people worry at the back of their mind about all the extra attention they will get when they are a smaller size and this can cause a block to weight reduction too.  When you were younger, food may have been used to deal with emotions e.g. tea and toast in bed when ill or sweets and chocolates as rewards.  These can all affect our weight, but hypnotherapy enables you to be in charge again.

Not comfortable with coming to us in person or too far away? We are expert at conducting hypnotherapy sessions via Skype.