How Can I Help You?

I help people who unwittingly block themselves from success. Working on Motivation, Anxiety, Self Esteem or Self Confidence, I have helped Directors, CFOs and Small Business Owners realise their potential. I am an Expert Skype and Clinical Hypnotherapist and mainly see clients via Skype for Mindset Whispering.

So what happens during a hypnotherapy session?  When you first see me, I take a comprehensive history and discuss what you would like help with and work out your treatment plan.  For the hypnotherapy, you settle comfortably in your seat and I will talk you through progressively relaxing before accessing your sub-conscious for the therapy.  You will be able to hear everything at all times, although you may not remember everything that is said.

I sometimes work with other hypnotherapists and we offer many different treatments both online via Skype and in person at the Therapy Room.  You will see that many treatments are interlinked.  For example, when treating stress we often deal with Insomnia and Anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can treat many different conditions.  We have included additional information on some of the treatments below, just click on the link:

Anxiety and Panic


Fears and Phobias

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Labour and Birth



Smoking Cessation

Sports Enhancement

Stress – including Exam Stress

Weight Control